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Good News Kick-off!

A whole lot has happened in the past month alone. But I am getting it together, and bouncing back as strong as I possibly can. I have wasted a good portion of the past year digging myself into a hole of discontentment based off where I was, and the pay-off was an imbalance of my own personal happiness. What I have recently learned was that this wasn't necessarily location based, but it was based from where my head was. I let negative feelings about myself fuel my existing insecurities, and I let it define my value as a person. I successfully convinced myself that I was not good enough to make a difference in anything. I contemplated leaving the state more than two handful of times to try to escape from this feeling, and the daily battle had taken all the energy I could give in a day. It's been a hard-fought battle and had been the root of evil that was poisoning my personal happiness. If I were to ever leave, I would surely do it on better terms.

Today I am launching Good News​ Coffee Blog on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. I am no longer going to live in the fear of being a rookie in the specialty coffee world, and I am going to use that energy to put a spotlight on those who are making a positive impact in the coffee world. I would like to say a personal thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey, and I want to document the path the future holds for me. I appreciate every one of you who has helped me get me to where I am, as I would not be doing this without the boost I have felt from your encouragement. Seriously, I see every "like," every comment, every tagged picture/video, and I take that ounce of consideration as pure inspiration.

I have a few announcements coming up very shortly, and I hope you guys will stick around to hear them. Expect the first one on Friday.

Never stop getting better. -Shawn Marron

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