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Mark your calendars, the Florida AeroPress Competition is coming back to Tampa!

I recently had my proposal approved by World AeroPress Championships so we are putting on the Florida AeroPress Competition. 18 spots, showcasing 18 different specialty coffee shops throughout the great state of Florida. Rules can be found here: The event will be held Saturday, August 12th 2017 at Tampa Heights Foundation Coffee Co. location. Check in will be at 7 PM, and the event will start at 8 PM sharp. This event will be showcased by W.A.C. and is set to be featured in next years "The Annual" winning recipe and event book. The event is FREE for all to attend, so bring as many people as you'd like! But there will be a $25 buy-in to compete. LET'S SEE WHAT YOU'VE GOT FLORIDA. ☕️🌴

Facebook Event Page: Confirmed Judges: Amelie Haakonsen - Concord Coffee


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